The advent of blogging has proven that firms have finally realised that marketing is more than a social activity. Being an active blogger pays in the social media era. Businesses that blog get 67% more leads than those that never blogged.

Utilized to promote products or services or engage with the firm’s stakeholders, it makes sense to have a blog. However not all firms ace this game as this report by Forrester Research that looked at 90 blogs from Fortune 500 companies informs: Two-thirds of the firms hardly ever get comments on their blogs, 70% blog only on business topics and 56% just regurgitated press releases. Let’s review the benefits of a well-executed corporate blogging strategy and see how some industry leaders ace this game.

Connect at a Human level

Amazon’s Web Services’ Blog posts, scribed by Jeff Barr, are written in acknowledgment of the stellar work his team put in. It is not only genuine and appreciative, but it also resonates well with customers

Keep the Focus on the Documented Strategy

Successful blogging depends on how well the marketing strategy is documented (not just spoken about) and assimilated by all involved (executive team, blog admin and blogging employees). With goals, action plans, and KPIs in place, the firm has a greater chance of succeeding with the overall content marketing strategy

Increase Traffic

It is estimated that 128 million Americans read blogs – and companies that post fresh content (1 to 2 a day) have a much higher chance of attracting readers and ultimately converting them. Dell is one such firm that not only posts company content daily but also uses a conversational tone that engages readers.

Build Trust

79% of shoppers research their products online and blogs are great sources of product reviews, researched content and shared ideas. Since blogs give freedom to share largely unfiltered content, readers know they are getting unbiased opinions and this helps build trust. Adobe is a great example of a firm that allows employees to share video tutorials, reviews, and other information that in turn evangelize its products. Employees thus become more customer oriented as well.

Be Viewed as an Industry Thought Leader

Firms use blog content to share valuable and interesting information with a unique point of view. Senior executives who blog on trends and the industry at large attract a wide readership and in turn add value to the brand they represent.

Maintaining an impactful and inspiring blog with mindful content represent a significant investment of time and effort. Having a partner to manage the blogging activity can make a world of difference between having a mediocre uninspiring blog platform and a truly great one that has a large fan following!