BCTC committee tours diesel technology program

It provides up to 50 students with work experience on diesel vehicles.


Diesel technology teacher Kevin Heimbach on Wednesday gave the Berks Career & Technology Center board a tour of the diesel technology program, which provides 45 to 50 students experience working on the 37 diesel vehicles BCTC owns.

The three-year program trains students for maintenance and inspection licensing of category 1 and 3 vehicles.

Also at the joint operating committee meeting, the committee reviewed the 2019-20 budget proposal, preparing for a vote at the February meeting before the proposal heads to participating districts for board approvals.

Among budget considerations:

  • The committee placed one proposed program, medical information technology, on hold, based on students’ lack of interest in a marketing survey.
  • BCTC is developing a heavy-equipment operator program. Only four similar programs exist in the state. The program has applications in both construction and agriculture, and is based on equipment already owned by BCTC. Surveying student interest is among the next steps.
  • A proposed supervisor of curriculum will coordinate teaching and learning activities within the dozens of programs and on both campuses.
  • A grant will support BCTC’s summer camp program for the next two years. The program’s curriculum will expand to include construction techniques and activities.


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