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FOR a Golden Grove woman, a Facebook blog has become a form of therapy as she fights cervical cancer.

Sam Smithson, 45, hopes to raise awareness through the honest and raw blog posts on her ‘My Fork-you Cancer site’ Facebook page.

“I’m finding it very therapeutic, it’s really helping me on my journey,” Ms Smithson said.

“So many girls, even strangers, have now said to me that they’re going to get tested.”

Ms Smithson was diagnosed with stage four cervical cancer in June and has since had 10 radiotherapy treatments and six rounds of chemotherapy.

The mother of two decided to start the blog in September to have a positive platform to share her journey.

“The blog’s not about me falling off the branch tomorrow, that’s for sure,” she said. “It’s about me coping and trying to beat it. A lot of it is my feelings, how I’m feeling and how I’m coping.”

Ms Smithson said many people didn’t know how to react after her diagnosis and would shy away from the discussion.

“I saw a girl I know at the shops and I thought she turned away from me because she didn’t know what to say so that was what finally pushed me to start the blog,” she said.

“It’s to say ‘hey, I’m still here, come give me a hug and talk to me, don’t be scared’. I think 99% of it is positive and all the feedback I get is positive.”

Ms Smithson’s sister Kylie Walden encouraged her to start the blog and to get more information out there.

“I’ve found even as a person that is supporting her, it’s helped me as well to know how she’s feeling,” Mrs Walden said.

Mrs Walden recently hosted a girls’ night in event at her home where family and friends raised close to $9000 for Ms Smithson and cancer research.

“I’ve never fundraised before in my life,” Mrs Walden said. “Before we knew it turned into what it was.”

“We have no idea what to do next but thinking caps are definitely on.” Ms Smithson donated $5000 to Cancer Council and hopes to use the remainder to take her sons on an overseas trip.