Blogging from A to Z: White Sox and Stuff Edition

Came across this great idea today through the Twitter machine. Susanna Sturgis was looking for a way to get back into her blog as she is working on a novel. The result was 26 posts in roughly 26 days. She took Sundays off. I saw it and immediately thought, Abreu. Not sure if that was divine inspiration, but it was clear that I needed to get on this idea. So here goes, twenty-six posts on White Sox and Stuff related topics. I can assure you all of the topics won’t be White Sox related. There’s a number of things that have been sticking in my craw for a few months, if not longer and it’s about time I got them out in the light. Light disinfects a lot of bad stuff.

You may have noticed, I haven’t been writing much lately. Some of that is day job related. I’m still in my busy season which starts in March and goes through June, give or take. Not ideal for a baseball blog, I’m well aware. I’ve been in a pretty deep funk for a while now as well. Some of that is general professional frustration, some is the feeling, the constant feeling really, of not doing all I can do and a sort of baseline tiredness that is hard to shake. I just feel…uninspired on a good day and utterly useless on a bad one.

Blogging and writing bring those feelings into sharp relief. I would like to write more, but: who has the time? What to write about? I don’t really feel like writing at 10:30 pm, I’d rather binge watch Arrow. I wake up and realize another week has gone by and I’ve done nothing creative. No writing on the White Sox (what’s the point?) no working on getting the dissertation published (it will get rejected anyway) no work on Phishy projects (does anybody even read those?) And don’t even get me started on politics. The only emotion I can claim in that regard is fear. I’m afraid if I start to go off in a political direction, I won’t stop for a long time.

That’s just writing. There are other parts of my life that are equally, if not more so, challenging than writing Maybe I’ll write about some of that too. So this A to Z project is more than a writing exercise. It’s a jump start. It’s a catharsis. Next up, Abreu.

My podcast working the way I’d like, so if you’d like to hear some US History presented in a lively, fun way, check it out! (warning! the first two episodes audio is not good, but by episode three, I got it!) Episode 43 is up! 1779! Get Your History On! Oh and you can get it on iTunes too!