To achieve success it is important to have new and free flow of ideas and thoughts. But actual success begins when those thoughts are changes into words.

Ideas can pop in our brain anytime and anywhere. It is not possible always to carry a pen and paper and note down the idea.

This is where the art of dictation comes to place. It the world of today’s technology, the invention of digital dictation equipment has made the work of professionals very easy.

The Martel Professional Dictation System helps to ensure that the dictation needs of professionals, like doctors, lawyers or businessmen, are properly met.

This device has a very simple interface and it combines with the latest technology to work in perfect harmony with professionals and can be used in any type of business activities.

The primary work of the digital dictation equipment is to record the dictation from the author, review it and make necessary corrections while at it.

The second job of this equipment is to transfer the recorded dictation files automatically to the secretary assigned for transcribing the files.

While there are many dictation equipment from other companies, the digital dictation equipment of Martel stand apart and leads the pack.

With over 57 years of innovation and experience, Martel Professional Dictation System is sure to make your work perfect and bring success instantaneously.

Given below are the features of the digital dictation system from Martel.

  1. Each dictation device contains a unique ID. This means that the device can be customized with the author’s name or ID or something similar.

This enables the system to recognize automatically the person who created the dictation. Moreover, the presence of an inbuilt clock helps the system to recognize the time when the dictation was created.

  1. The Martel digital dictation system can be set according to the structure of the organization. An account can be made for the author, secretary and the transcriptionist.

Through that account, the flow of information and work can be maintained. A special feature of the software is that it can mirror someone’s workflow. As a result there will be no need to change the work style of the person.

  1. After the dictation is done and the device is put into the docking station, the dictated files get automatically downloaded.

Based on the predefined workflow, the downloaded files get automatically transferred to the secretary or the transcriptionist. After the transfer, if the setting is done, the dictation files get erased automatically from the device.

  1. Apart from the automatic sending feature of the files between various sources, users can also use the liberty of manually sending the files too.

The dictation files or the finished work can be manually transferred though Local Area Network (LAN), File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or email.

  1. After the dictation files are being sent to the transcriptionist, they can be heard via special PC earphones and the audio can be controlled with the help of a PC USB foot switch.

Additional settings like tone, playback speed, automatic rewind, etc. are also present in the transcription kit.

Once the transcription is completed, the files get stored in the finished tray and the dictation recording gets erased from the dictation recorders work list.