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As all of United States got ready to sky gaze and watch the spectacular total solar eclipse on August 21, more than photos of the magnificent sight, the photos of POTUS Donald Trump started trending on the Internet. Wonder why? Well, when scientists warned people around the world to watch the phenomenon with their protective eye-gear on, Trump decided to go ahead and watch it, yes you guessed it, without protective glasses! Thanks to the watchful Twitter users who also double up as ‘ardent followers’ of the President, photos of the world leader squinting as he tried to get a better look of the total solar eclipse went viral. And of course, Trump became a meme again, in no time.

Rummaging through many tweets that started doing the rounds on the Internet after Trump’s tryst with the eclipse, there were two instances that really stood out. One, is the prediction of Jules, a Twitter user, whose bio reads “proudly blocked by @realDonaldTrump”. He shared the screenshot of a tweet he posted before it actually happened — “Can’t wait for the photo of Donald Trump squinting directly into the eclipse to go viral.” Second, the video showing Trump looking at the moon covering the sun, there is somebody right below who screams “Don’t look!”, but when has anything ever stopped Trump, people on the Internet wondered, rightfully so. But in all fairness, Trump started off by wearing the protective eye-gear, probably got bored mid-way and took them off.

This, in spite of a lot of emphasis being laid on why not to watch the phenomenon directly and especially not using a telescope.

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