Julie ClarkJulie Clark

What’s the formula for creating a lean startup that becomes a national movement and attracts eight figure offers?

Julie Clark was a mompreneur and woman startup founder years before it became trendy. While on paper she may seem to be an unlikely entrepreneur, there’s a good chance you have one of her products in your home, or were raised on them.

In our exclusive interview on the DealMakers Podcast Julie also revealed some unconventional beginnings of this household brand in the eyes of many of today’s founders. Yet, which are clearly recognizable common threads that are shared with some of the biggest tech companies, like Facebook and Microsoft.

Julie Clark is the founder of the Baby Einstein brand. A company she built from scratch, to being bought by Disney for $25 million, and becoming a $300 million a year phenomenon (listen to the full episode here).

The Birth of Baby Einstein

Julie was a high school English and art teacher before becoming a mother. Not the typical path you expect an entrepreneur to have followed. Though after giving birth to her daughter she realized she wanted to be a stay at home mom that was really engaged in her child’s life.