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The public beta of MacOS Sierra is out today. We detail the MacOS Sierra UK release date and explain the new features in MacOS Sierra. Also see: iOS 10 confirmed – new features in iOS 10

MacOS Sierra UK release date: When is MacOS Sierra coming out?

The Developer Preview of MacOS Sierra is out now, with a public beta due later today (7 July). We do not know exactly what time the public beta will be made available, but we expect it to be around 6pm BST. You can register your interest here.

The final version of MacOS Sierra will be released “in the fall”. Also see: How to install MacOS Sierra public beta now.

MacOS Sierra UK price: How much will MacOS Sierra cost?

Sierra will be a free upgrade for Mac users later this year. Also see: Windows 10 Vs OS X 10.11

MacOS Sierra new features: What’s new in MacOS Sierra?

New features in MacOS: Siri on MacOS

Siri is finally coming to the Mac, allowing you to do all the stuff you would use it for on your iPhone or iPad, including searching for files on the desktop or on the web using your voice. During the Siri for Mac demo Apple showed the ability to do such things as dragging and dropping images from the Siri window to other apps, and using universal copy and paste to draw on an iPad, copy it, and then paste it into a document on the Mac. Picture In Picture also ties in with Siri, as do all the other new features detailed below.

New features in MacOS Sierra: Auto-Unlock

A new Auto-Unlock feature lets Apple Watch owners quickly unlock their Mac without needing to enter a password.

New features in MacOS Sierra: Universal Clipboard

This new feature in MacOS makes it easier to work on multiple devices by syncing your copy and paste data so you can continue on whichever Apple device that suits.

New features in MacOS Sierra: iCloud Drive

This handy new feature will sync your desktop between Macs, and ensure your files are available anywhere. Also see: iPhone 7 UK release date and rumours and iPhone 7 Plus UK release date and rumours

New features in MacOS Sierra: Optimised storage

A new cloud-storage option lets you free up space on your hard drive by moving older files or those to which you no longer need immediate access to the cloud.

New features in MacOS Sierra: Apple Pay

Apple Pay will be added to the web via Safari, meaning you’ll be able to use it in MacOS. A buy with Apple Pay button will appear on supported sites, and you’ll be prompted to scan your fingerprint on your iPhone for authorisation.

New features in MacOS Sierra: Tab support

Previously used primarily in Safari, tab support is now system-wide in MacOS Sierra.

New features in MacOS Sierra: Picture-in-Picture

The final new feature for MacOS Sierra is Picture-in-Picture, which we’re sure will be great news for our productivity… ahem.

MacOS Sierra live stream

Apple hosted a live stream of its WWDC keynote during which it announced MacOS Sierra on its website at 6pm UK time today (13 June). You could also catch up on the latest info by the dedicated WWDC app, which is free for iPhone and iPad users .

Apple demands you meet certain hardware – and software requirements to watch its event streams. Live streaming uses Apple’s HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) technology. HLS requires an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with Safari on iOS 7.0 or later, a Mac with Safari 6.0.5 or later on OS X v10.8.5 or later, or a PC with Microsoft Edge on Windows 10. Streaming via Apple TV requires an Apple TV (2nd or 3rd generation) with software 6.2 or later or an Apple TV (4th generation).



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