Many people face problems while converting audio or video files. There are a lot of softwares or websites on internet which provide this facility but it’s not up to the mark. Video converter is the best solution to this problem.

Now the question arises How to convert a MOV video file to MP4 video file?

With Video Converter Ultimate, converting the files is as easy as 1 2 3.

Due to the friendly and supporting software appearance, it’s so easy for a person to convert the file. One has to just follow some steps.

  1. On the top left corner of the software window there is a button of “Add files”. By clicking in this button, a new window pops out where one can select any video file which is to be converted from the local computer.
  2. After selecting the file just click on the “Open” button on the bottom right corner of the new window showing the files from computer.
  3. On the top left corner of the software window there is a button of “Convert to”. Here any format can be selected in which the file has to be converted.
  4. Different qualities are provided in the software for the sake of users. It depend on the user that in which quality he or she wants to convert the video file.
  5. Just after selecting the quality click on the “Convert” button to convert that file.
  6. If more than one file are to be converted, then on the right bottom corner there is the button of “Convert all” which converts all the files that are added in the software from the local computer.
  7. Now have some patience as the software is doing its work to convert the file.
  8. After the file is converted the new file can be found under the “Converted” button. There will be a folder icon on the right side of the file converted. Just click that button and it will take you to the location in your local computer in which the converted file is being saved.
  9. The location of the converted files is by default selected by the software. But it can be changed by the user by clicking the “Menu” button and further clicking the “Preferences” icon and then by clicking the “Location” button. After doing all this a window will pop out where one can select the desired location or folder in which one wants to save the converted file.

Same method can be used to convert audio files too.

I recommend Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate to each and every one of the users because it is user friendly, easy to understand and have a fast speed of conversion, it is also a Professional WMV Converter. This is for those who are tired of using different softwares but didn’t get the desired quality.

The benefit of this Video Converter is that you can have a free trial of it. After the free trial if you like the software you can easily buy it online from the website.