Samsung Galaxy Phone Burns Down Woman's Car in Detroit: Report

Samsung had a nightmare of a year in 2016 when it launched the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, and reports of the smartphone exploding in various parts of the globe began coming in. The smartphone was barred from planes, users started flooding Samsung stores with complaints, and a global recall was ultimately announced. The smartphone’s production was then killed off completely, making it one of the worst years for Samsung. Ever since, Samsung has taken a serious stand when it comes to safety protocol, and has responded to such complaints immediately. In a new development, a Detroit woman complains of her car going up in flames after one of her two Samsung phones caught fire randomly.

Samsung responded immediately and sent out engineers to examine the burnt car, and is in process of finding out which Samsung phone caught fire and why. The woman had two Samsung phones in the car – Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy S8.

According to a report from ABC affiliate WXYZ, the Detroit woman was driving with the two Samsung phones in a cupholder. Suddenly, she saw a spark coming from one of the two smartphones, and it soon resulted into a big fire. She managed to go on the side, park the car, and get out in time, but her car got covered in flames very quickly. She mentions that she was lucky that she wasn’t speeding on a highway, nor was she stuck in traffic, making her escape easy.

Both these phones are not on the recall list as of now. Meanwhile Samsung told the publication, “While we don’t comment on pending litigation, we stand behind the safety of the millions of Samsung phones in the United States.” No lawsuit has been filed against Samsung as of yet.