Serplogic’s 15 Best White Hat Link Building Strategies for 2019 (Posted by Johnattan Coachman, Community Contributor)

Links rank sites, it’s just that simple and here at Serplogic we’ve built enough links to know what to look for – so here are some awesome tips to kill it and improve your link building.

Keep your blog steady – Blogging consistently is the best way to create shareable content. It is one of the most effective ways to generate inbound links.

RSS feeds for blogs – Always make is as simple as possible for readers to share your content.

Referencing other blogs – Have you heard the phrase, “If you scratch my back I will scratch yours?” It actually can also refer to inbound links on blogs. Simply link to other blogs hoping that they don’t forget to return the favor.

Guest blogging -One of the best ways to create inbound links organically is to feature your content on other industry related blogs.

Case studies- If you create case studies that detail the success of your clients, they are likely to thank you for referencing your website.

Staying current on news- If you become a news source for readers, you can be sure that they will share your content through their blogs or social media.

Creating visual content – Nothing is more shareable than videos, graphics, cartoons, or other kinds of visual graphics used for illustrating a topic. Be creative.

Creating free offers -If your free whitepapers, e-books, or webinars are resourceful and helpful, your readers will share it with the aim of helping others.

Meme creation -Memes are the new craze. Similar to the above, people love great jokes and memes are exactly that. A picture containing a brief one-liner that uses an image to illustrate the joke.

Doing interviews – If the opportunity comes where you are asked to do an interview for another website or blog, do it. It is a great way to create more inbound links.

“Tweet this”- In blogs containing stats or lists of any kind, don’t forget to include a “tweet this” button that readers can click on to tweet on their accounts automatically, which means instant shareability.

Installing social sharing buttons -Having social sharing buttons on all the articles posted on your blog is an excellent way for readers to share it easily, which effectively creates inbound links.

Offering free products or trials – It allows users to feel included in some exclusive club and can even translate to them reviewing your service or product.

Creating resourceful lists – If you go through the trouble of creating a resource list, it will act as link bait. Other bloggers will prefer to link to it instead of having to compile the entire list themselves.

Creating infographics – They usually have the tendency to go viral because people love sharing visual posts.