What inspired you to become a blogger/ influencer?

In my first year of college, I started Fashion Photography and assisted the well known Industry Fashion Photographer Praveen Bhatt. From there, my exploration in the fashion industry began. I found my calling and knew that this is what I was interested in and this is what I want to make a career in. Fashion has given me everything. Self Expression, Confidence, and my personal style statement. The love for fashion is what inspired me to start my own blogging platform “ www.sharonkodann.com “ and Instagram presence “ Sharonkodan “

What kind of content do you create? How did you find inspiration in fashion?

I create content on Streetstyle, Girl Next door styles, Athleisure wear, Retro Fashion, etc. My favorite magazine is Vogue Italia, I used to read its articles online and I found their creative photography splendid. I think that was my point of inspiration.

When did your first collaboration happen? How has your business grown since then?

I still clearly remember, my first pay cheque was for 5000/- Rupees for a T-shirt brand. This was 2 years ago and since then my Fashion Blog eventually escalated in a full-fledged business. I created my blog as an outlet for my fashion hedonism and to build a creative platform to share my blatant love for fashion with the world. I gradually started getting calls from the PR’s and the big brands in the industry who started contracting with me to style and wear their clothes, promoting their brands on my social media and blog. I have established myself as a renowned fashion Blogger in a due course of 2 years and have carved me a niche to be the woman Entrepreneur in the field of fashion acquiring over 7,00,000+ weekly views across social media and website blogs.

I have been fortunate to have worked with some of the world’s leading fashion, luxury, beauty, travel and lifestyle brands, collaborating on bespoke content, editorials, and social partnerships

In these times when every other person claims himself to be an influencer/ blogger, how do you keep up with the growing competition on the platform especially when you have difficult algorithms to beat?

I think the best way is to be authentic to oneself and your audience because eventually, you are doing it for them. They are the best judge. My motivation is just to focus on my own content and my feed and find new creative inspiration everyday. To be better than I was yesterday. Because Instagram is such a platform where one or the other would look better than you because everybody is working hard on their content so it is easy to lose motivation and compare yourself to the other content creators. However, I do have a list of favorites that I stalk such as Lionnie Hanne and Micah Gianneli. However, I focus more on the content that my audience would like to see and would be interested in.

To sum it up in three words, “You do you”.

How do you keep yourself away from negativity? What motivates you to keep creating more?

I do not let negativity sink in too much. Of course, I have my days too where it demotivates me to see a few people making nasty comments for no reason, out of nowhere. I do understand that social media is such a space where you are bound to receive mixed reactions and some just come there to put you down. I have experienced it too. But I just block the hate out of my life by simply ignoring such people or I block them because for me quality followers are certainly better than quantity. I focus on creating a motivating and positive space on my blog for my audience, this is what keeps me motivated.

Who is your role model? Any favorite Instagrammer/ blogger?

My role model is forever going to be my Mom, she has been an Olympian and represented India in 1996 Olympic games. She’s been this shining star of our family and I have always been inspired by her grace and down to earth nature. I have always felt connected to my source. She has supported me throughout and has given me the motivation to follow my dreams.

My favorite Fashion Bloggers are Lionnie Hanne and Micah Gianneli.

What is your dream about taking your blogging journey to the next level? How do you plan to grow next?

I am moving to Paris soon for my Postgraduate studies and I would love to take my blog on an international level and the aim is to reach a more international audience. My next goal is to be a Global Influencer. The groundwork would be the same, but I would definitely focus on enhancing my content in the coming months.

What advice would you like to give to the coming of age bloggers/ influencers?

To be authentic and focus on content creation more than anything else.