Espark-Viridian is a joint venture between Entrepreneurial Spark,UK and Viridian Ventures.With the #AccessXcceleration initiative, Espark-Viridian aims to invite early-stage startups from all sectors at all 5 centres to apply and be part of their March Cohort.

After assessing the needs of the entrepreneurs, Espark-Viridian has now brought new program modules to cater to the evolving needs of early and growth stage startups.

The two 4-month modules being offered by Espark-Viridian – Pre-Acceleration and Acceleration, aim to accelerate startups by understanding their business needs. The Pre-Acceleration Module is focussed towards idea stage entrepreneurs who get to the test their ideas and validate the market, create a concrete business plan, and even start getting revenue before they present a strong case to investors.

This eliminates the risk associated with starting up with an idea, and if the need arises, they can help pivot the idea into something viable and profitable as a product, helping them build an investable commercial enterprise.


The Acceleration Module caters to startups who have established proof of concept and have a prototype ready. At the end of module, startups will have market validated products with operating process flows in place and an operating framework, apart from the opportunity to pitch to a panel of mentors and investors.

Interactive sessions and Workshops will be conducted as part of both modules with experts from various fields like Marketing, Public Relations, Business Development, Operations, Finance, Legal, Design and also conduct webinars with mentors to teach startup skills such as Pitching, Business Planning, HR, Management and Customer Acquisition to name a few.

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Through core enablement with their dedicated enablers along with the exposure given by successful entrepreneurs, industry experts and mentors, entrepreneurs will be equipped with the finesse they require before they meet investors.

By establishing accelerator centres across key nerve centres in Bengaluru, Chandigarh, Gandhinagar, Greater Noida and Mumbai Espark-Viridian has a vision to develop future-ready entrepreneurs and aspires to become the best sector-agnostic accelerator in the country for early and growth stage entrepreneurs.