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Donald Trump is now the most followed world leader on Twitter: Study

US President Donald Trump is by far the most followed world leader on Twitter, with the Pope trailing him by some 4.5 million followers, a study showed Tuesday….

90% of ‘Active’ Twitter Users Spread Falsehoods During Disasters: Study

Nearly 90 percent of Twitter’s ‘active’ users tend to spread falsehoods in the case of public emergencies or disasters, a study of more than 20,000 tweets has found….

Fake News on Twitter 70 Percent More Likely to Be Retweeted Than True News: Study

False news stories spread much more quickly and widely on Twitter than truthful ones, an imbalance driven more by people than automated “bot” accounts, researchers said on Thursday. A study…

Fitbit-Style Activity Trackers Could Do More Harm Than Good, Finds Study

Wearable activity trackers such as Fitbit could be doing more harm than good in encouraging young teenagers to exercise, a study suggests. Over decades, physical activity interventions targeted at young…

Digital India? 950 million Indians do not have Internet, says study

In what could come as a big surprise despite the government’s ‘Digital India’ initiative and the recent push for digital payment following the demonetisation move, a new study…