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Apple, Cisco Team Up With Allianz to Offer Discounts on Cyber Insurance

Apple and Cisco Systems have teamed up with insurer Allianz SE to offer discounts on cyber insurance to businesses that primarily use equipment from both technology companies, they said on Monday….

Your Summer Reading List from the Copyblogger Editorial Team

I don’t believe in a “writing gene.” Writing comes more easily to some folks, for sure. But those aren’t always the people who end up writing really well….

3 steps to building your startup’s founding dream team

1. Prioritize passion for the problem you’re solving Putting your passion into solving a real problem will get you through your toughest days. Taking this approach with your…

Microsoft integrates Skype with Slack to simplify team video calls

Slack may be the darling of the group communication market right now, but there’s one thing it’s missing: voice and video calling. Microsoft is aiming to patch that…