At Google I/O 2017 annual developer conference, the search engine giant has raised the curtain on the new version of its mobile operating system, dubbed as Android O. The company hasn’t announced the official name of the Android O but gave us a sneak peek of its features. Here are the top five features on Android O that enthralled us:

Google unveiled Android O at Google I/O 2017 annual developer conference. It has released the second developer preview of Android O. The new version of Android brings an array of features to the table.



2/5Intuitive copy and paste

Intuitive copy and paste

It is the most intriguing and handy feature of all. Copying a text on Android O is a breeze, as it automatically detects the text you are trying to copy, thus, eliminating the cumbersome process of manually moving the ends to select the required text. For example, if you long press on the street name of the address in the text, it intuitively selects the whole address. Moreover, it suggests an app depending on the text you copy.
3/5Auto-fill in apps

Auto-fill in apps

You no longer need to input log-in credentials and card details everytime in the app, as Android O brings autofill to the apps. It uses the autofill data saved in Google Chrome web browser or mobile browser.
4/5App notifications

App notifications

Whenever there is a notification for an app, a dot appears on that app icon. Long pressing on the app shows the notifications for that app. Opening or dismissing the notification performs the same action in the pull-down notification bar. This feature seems inspired from the 3D touch on iPhones.
5/5App shortcuts on lock screen

App shortcuts on lock screen

Unlike other Android versions, now we can customize the shortcuts in the bottom left and right corners of the lock screen. We can choose any shortcut of the app present on your phone.
[Source:- techradar]