Roughly 100 million gallons of paint designed for use on residential homes are sold every year. As the global population grows and society – in general – gets wealthier, paint will become even cheaper to buy; in other words, the amount of residential-use paint sold each year will continue rising, as it has done over the past few decades. The paint business – despite how odd it may seem – is a big business with tons of competition. In order to stay competitive, industry participants must invest in the highest-quality machinery and technology.

Filling machines are a big deal – they lead to consistent work

Humans are good at adapting to new situations and making snap judgments. Automated machines, on the other hand, are exceptionally skilled in taking care of one or two responsibilities. As such, the color consistency of mixed paints increases tremendously whenever paint filling machines are used. Although computers can inform employees in hardware stores’ paint departments of the exact recipes to create strains customers want, a human won’t be able to pour the same mixture 1,000 times out of 1,000 tries. Paint filling machines, conversely, can.

Upgrading paint filling machines is a breeze

Paint filling machines have fill heads, or spouts that paint is reliably, smoothly, and not-sloppily poured into paint cans and other containers. Companies in need of expanding their paint filling machines’ capabilities can simply add fill heads to their machines to make quick work of even the largest orders.

Paint programs aren’t always easy to understand – paint filling machines are

The market’s latest paint filling machines are easy to use, put up little resistance, and can be used by even the computer-illiterate. Programs that paint departments and companies use to interact with employees aren’t as easy to understand, increasing the likelihood of mistakes.

Thanks to technology, businesses have more equipment at their disposal than ever before. In the past, filling paint cans and mixing custom blends was prone to mistakes. Today, just one paint filling machine can increase the quality of finished paint mixes tremendously.