YouTube Now Has 1.8 Billion Monthly Logged-In Users, Confirms Host of Original Shows

YouTube now has 1.8 billion viewers per month, counting only the users who watch the video service by logging in. The company CEO Susan Wojcicki revealed the milestone at the YouTube Brandcast to advertisers, and also noted some of the year’s key successes. At 150 million hours of YouTube per day on TVs, people are now watching more videos than ever. These figures are yet another sign that video portal’s reach is astonishing, something that Wojcicki wanted to note for the advertisers and potential partners at its annual event.

Speaking at the seventh annual YouTube Brandcast event meant to “[unveil] the latest content trends and new ways for advertisers to connect with their most attentive audience,” Wojcicki announced the new figures. Last year, YouTube had announced it had 1.5 billion monthly logged-in viewers back in June.

The 1.8 billion number is impressive, but YouTube has not provided details on the number of users streaming videos without an account. However, YouTube announced that it is planning to ‘double down’ on original YouTube content. Some of the upcoming shows are Will Smith: The Jump Off, Priyanka Chopra: If I Could Tell You Just One Thing, Jack Whitehall: Training Days, Best Shot, and more. Also, YouTube will bring back an Untitled Demi Lovato Project, The Super Slow Show Season 2, and Kevin Hart: What the Fit Season 2. The details of the shows have been provided on the company’s blog.

Notably, YouTube has also announced the beginning of its Google Preferred advertisement system, “so that brands can continue to access some of the most popular stars and inspiring stories on YouTube.” Music from Sony Music, Universal Music Group, Vevo, and Warner Music Group will get Google Preferred ads play alongside eligible channels and videos.

Interestingly, YouTube addressed concerns over inappropriate kids’ videos and conspiracy theories on the platform, The Verge reports. Wojcicki was quoted as saying, “This is the impact of an open platform: it brings the world together in ways that were just not possible before. But we’ve also seen that with openness comes challenges, as some have tried to take advantage of our services. It is incredibly important to me and to everyone at YouTube that we grow responsibly.” A YouTube Kids option with human-curated videos and 10,000 moderators is expected soon.